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What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

There's a lot of confusion around the term "remote therapeutic monitoring." How does it differ from regular remote patient monitoring, and how can you use it to your advantage?

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is just like regular remote patient monitoring in that it allows you to keep tabs on your patient's health remotely through some sort of technology. But unlike regular remote patient monitoring, which only focuses on data collection and analysis, remote therapeutic monitoring also offers a means of treatment.

RTM involves the use of specialized software that tracks a person's vital signs (like heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate) and other therapeutic data (pain levels, medication adherence) and interprets those readings so they can be used to prescribe medication or offer other forms of treatment. This type of technology is often used by people with chronic illnesses who need constant access to medical care but cannot make frequent trips to the doctor.

As the world and technology continues to advance, RTM offers more ways for people to access healthcare and healthcare monitoring services all from the comfort of their home. It has the ability to make managing health easier and more efficient for everyone.