LockedBrands is now doing business as: MedSure™ Systems!

Our revolutionary MedTech brand developing an encompassing medication management and adherence solution for today's needs.

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Engineering, Reimagined.

We are more than your typical engineering firm. We create innovative, user-focused products and services by understanding our customers needs, desires and the current ecosystem in order to design revolutionary solutions.

We started with a lockbox.

An app-controlled, voice-activated lockbox that is. Air-tight and discreetly designed, no one would know what's hidden inside.

With security and privacy as the main focus, we created a unique product and software to ensure the owner is always in charge of their lockbox.

But became so much more.

Our solutions are different because we are affected by the same problems we aim to fix through our products and services. This allows us to create solutions that we are passionate about fixing. We are working towards real solutions for all.

So what continues to motivate us? Well, seeing our solutions make a difference in our customers & clients lives. 

We're getting ready for our next challenge.

In the United States there are 90,000 premature deaths due to under or overdosing of prescription medicine. The current system supporting prescription medication adherence is out-dated and in desperate need of improvement.

The issues causing medication nonadherence have lead to undesired health outcomes for patients, increased costs for payers, and an overworked healthcare system.

We are on a mission to change that.