Meet The Pillar

Key Technologies & Features

WiFi enabled

Opens from wherever you are, anytime you want, thanks to our smarts and the magic of Internet. Plus… store multiple networks to effortlessly take your Pillar from place to place.

Fail Safe Mode

Unique Master password for each Pillar means you can open it without Voice ID or when WiFi or the Internet is down

Share Access Easily

Provide friends and family with access to The Pillar in seconds. Share or revoke access privileges instantly

Amazon Alexa Voice Activated

With Amazon’s Alexa Voice Profile, only you and you alone can activate and open your Pillar.

Designed for Anchoring

With the Pillar’s Kensington slot, you can attach an optional cable lock and anchor The Pillar to your desk, table or other fixed structure.

Access Logging

Your Pillar will keep a complete record of all openings with date, time & by whom.

Dual Power Source

USB Power Supply. Internal battery good for up to 6 hours.

Secure Voice ID Design

The Pillar's Voice ID system does NOT record or transmit your conversations at any time.

Keep Your Personal Items Secure

The Pillar is a great place to keep your prescriptions, medicinals, keys, money, or other personal items locked up in plain sight

Your valuables remain secure until you decide to open The Pillar via your Amazon Alexa Voice Profile or our free app, and that means no keys and no PINs to remember. You can easily share access from anywhere. The Pillar is smell-proof and has a built in Kensington anchor for attaching a compatible cable lock. Ideal for travelers, parents, those with roommates, teachers, Airbnb rentals, cubicles and more.

What they're saying...

The Pillar is a must for any household to keep items such as prescription drugs safe from children and teenagers. I bought five for our friends and they love the extra sense of security The Pillar provides!




Our relative’s 4-year-old daughter wandered into the bathroom and swallowed her grandmother's hormone pills that were in the bottle on the vanity. The girl easily overcame the childproof cap - she probably thought they were candy! The doctor told them not to worry too much as it was not a strong medication, but lesson learned... I bought a bunch of these for my family and friends for Christmas.

 It keeps my roommates out of my stuff and voice ID is really cool, it works amazingly.





I like keeping things safe….and this is an amazing product….incredible technology





Who Uses The Pillar?

The Parent

Kids are naturally curious. Keep your prescriptions and small valuables safe and out of reach.

The Student

Roommates and visitors can sometimes snoop where they shouldn’t. Keep your stash private.

The Traveler

Sometimes things are taken from your hotel room without your consent. Keep your valuables safe and ease your mind.