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You can’t control everything, but you can control your lockbox. Be generous with access sharing, but remove access at any time— it’s all up to you.

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Voice-Activation brought to you by Ask Alexa Voice Profiles. Only your voice, and your voice alone, controls your lockbox.

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Meet the StashCan

An app-controlled, voice-activated personal lockbox. Perfect for storing smaller personal valuables like prescription medication, money, jewelry & more in plain sight.

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I’ve witnessed first-hand the devastation addiction can bring to the family. I saw it in my extended family and I hope by having these hard conversations and by creating products that can help manage controlled substances, it can help improve the lives of others.  - Justin Monger, CEO

So Let's Talk About It

In 2017, the United States Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency due to the opioid crisis. They estimated there are 33,000+ opioid involved overdose deaths annually. But what’s the real cause?

Studies show that there is a link between mental health and opioid dependence. We have to start caring about mental health and learning better ways to help those with addiction tendencies. 

We’re Real People Trying to Make a Difference

We care because we’ve been affected by these problems too. You’re not alone. We know we can’t solve every problem, but we’re innovators trying to offer new solutions.

So what continues to motivate us? Well, we’ve seen our customers get creative with StashCan to change the narrative around security and addiction

Meet The StashCan

The smart, discreet way to store your valuables.

  • App-Controlled

    Our free app available for iOS & Android devices, allows you to control and manage your StashCan with just your phone.

  • Voice-Activated

    Control your StashCan with your voice, and only your voice, thanks to Voice-Profiles through Ask Alexa.

  • Share Access

    Give your friends & family access to your StashCan at anytime through our free app.

  • Active Logging

    Keep track of when & who opened your StashCan with active logging in our free app.

We ♥ our happy customers

It’s a great little device. We have it sitting on a counter near a plant and you’d never guess what it is. It almost looks like our router. Super easy to use.

I just started my first year at college and share a room with 3 roommates and this proved to be my best friend. I have some important medications that I keep for emergencies, a bunch of pricey gadgets for my labs, school passwords, mail box keys, my clicker (which are often stolen for some reason), my wallet, and car keys. Not only did none of my roommates or guest ever get the chance to take my things, but they did not even suspect that the StashCan contained anything valuable locked inside of it!

I purchased this one for an AirBnB we own, love that it now has an Amazon Alexa Skill - straight forward to set up and doesn't look like a safe, just like any other smart device.

Our relative’s 4-year-old daughter wandered into the bathroom and swallowed her grandmother's hormone pills that were in the bottle on the vanity. The girl easily overcame the childproof cap - she probably thought they were candy! The doctor told them not to worry too much as it was not a strong medication, but lesson learned... I bought a bunch of these for my family and friends for Christmas.

It keeps my roommates out of my stuff and voice ID is really cool, it works amazingly.

I have kids. This StashCan is great for keeping the items I don't want my kids to get a hold of. I've put medicine in it, I've put money in it, keys, and more. It is nice that I can have my own little hiding spot that looks like home decor. I will be getting more for holiday gifts.