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Welcome Friend!!!

You’ve landed here by way of a personal invitation that I am only extending to my closest friends, business associates and family.

As I mentioned in my email invitation to you, LockedBrands’ has embarked on a global mission… to help solve the opioid and prescription drug abuse crisis that is killing our friends, our neighbors, our young people while devastating families across America and around the globe.

I’ve been assisting LockedBrands in the pursuit of this mission for nearly 2 years.

I’ve worked closely with the company’s management and technology team as they weaved, bobbed, and pivoted through the maze of issues that confront most young companies all while achieving record sales… even during the COVID – 19 crises.

I’ve provided strategic advice and counsel to CEOs of many diverse start-up and early stage companies during my professional career.

I find LockedBrands’ Founder and President, Justin Monger, to possess the passion, the drive and innovation vital to achieving success in the healthcare/medical device market.

Speaking of innovation, below you will find a short video demonstration of the prototype of our next generation device, the Secure Med Manager.

It’s a perfect example of why I’m comfortable inviting you to join us with your investment via the WeFunder online investment platform.

One more thing!

What’s cool about WeFunder and the new SEC equity crowd funding rules is that anyone from across the US (regardless of their financial capacity) can invest in our mission with as little as $250.

I’ve invested and I encourage you to invest too, so we can do well by doing good… together.



Fred Fletcher
Chief Strategist & Disruptor
Fletcher Strategies.

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