What keeps someone from picking up The Pillar and walking away with it?

The Pillar has a Kensington Click Safe Anchor built into its base that allows it to be secured with a Kensington Cable lock. This cable lock can fasten The Pillar to a table leg, bed post, or other heavy item and keep it from being removed from its place. The Kensington lock can be purchased here from Amazon for less than $20.

How strong is The Pillar?

Why is The Pillar better than a safe?

So is The Pillar always listening to or recording my conversations?

How long does the battery last?

What if I lose WiFi or internet, how do I open The Pillar?

Are there software updates for The Pillar?

Will there be any capabilities added in the future?

Can I open The Pillar with my Apple Watch?

Can The Pillar operate with Google Assistant or Alexa?