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At LockedBrands we integrate cutting edge, smart technology with modern design to make lockboxes that are attractive, secure, practical and easy to use. 
We support the LockedBrands community to develop their own uses and applications for The StashCan.  

This is our story.

It's Personal

We created our lockboxes because we saw a need to lock up everyday valuables in a convenient, modern way. With key features such as share access & active logging, we want to make sure the owner is always in control of their lockbox.


"I’ve witnessed first-hand the devastation addiction can bring to the family. I've seen it in my extended family growing up. There’s only so much we can do to help those managing addiction. I hope by having these hard conversations and by creating products that can manage controlled substances, it can help improve the lives of others." - Justin Monger, CEO

Let's Talk About It

In 2017, the United States Department of Health and Human Services declared a public health emergency due to the opioid crisis. They estimated there are 33,000+ opioid-involved overdose deaths annually. But what’s the real cause?

Studies show that there is a link between mental health and opioid dependence. We have to start caring about mental health and learning better ways to help those with addiction tendencies.

We’re dedicated to having these conversations, so keep up with us on LinkedIn & Facebook to join our discussions, learn tips and access to valuables resources surrounding these topics.

We're A Team That Cares

We’re a small, diverse team in Dallas, TX with a variety of life experience. We are retired engineers, business executives, recent graduates, and incoming college students. From our youngest team member to our oldest, we all have a motivation and passion to make a difference.

We care because we’ve been affected by these problems too. You’re not alone. We know we can’t solve every problem, but we’re innovators trying to offer new solutions.

So what continues to motivate us? Well, we’ve seen our customers get creative with our lockboxes to change the narrative around security and addiction. 

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Featured Stories 

Make Mornings Fun Again

One mom from Houston, TX uses her lockbox to encourage her son to take his morning medication. She’s turned the dreaded task of pills in the morning, into a fun and interactive way for her son to learn medication management.
The night before I’ll put his medicine into his lockbox along with his favorite dinosaur toy or sticker. In the morning he’ll wake up and open it through Ask Alexa, take his medicine and grab his toy. He loves it and it’s made our morning routines so much easier. With the log on the app, I can always check and see if he did open it too.

Saving time, stress, and encouraging peace-of-mind and healthier habits is what we aim for with our products. We couldn’t be happier to hear of the success one family has had with our lockboxes!

We hope The StashCan can make a difference for your family too.

- The LockedBrands Team

Meet the Team

No robots here :)
Justin Monger
Justin Monger
Chief Executive Officer
Dave Lee
Dave Lee
Chief Engineer
Randy Heinrich
Randy Heinrich
Operations Director
Pete Mangelsdorf
Pete Mangelsdorf
SMM Director
John Proffer
John Proffer
Software Architect
Aruni Ellepola
Aruni Ellepola
Chief Brand Officer
Amy Sandhu
Amy Sandhu
Creative Director
Chris & Francisco
Engineering Interns