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The Pillar

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The Pillar

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Hello Security. 

Meet The Pillar: a modern, secure storage option for smaller personal valuables. Now you can responsibly secure your prescriptions, medicinals, keys, money, jewelry and other personal items plus, easily share access to anyone from anywhere.

Your valuables remain secure until you decide to open it via your Amazon Alexa voice profile or our free app, which means no keys or pins to remember. The Pillar is smell proof, air tight and practically indestructible.  Lock it down with the optional steel cable lock if you’re afraid it might “get legs”. The Pillar is ideal for travelers, parents, anyone with roommates, teachers, Airbnb rentals, office workers and more.

Key Features

Voice-activated, App-controlled Personal Lockbox 

Free Dedicated LockedBrands App, available on Apple App Store & Google Play 

Secure Voice-Activation via Amazon Alexa Voice Profiles, Connect "My Pillar Skill" to Your Alexa Account to Control Your Pillar with Your Voice. 

Fail Safe Mode With Unique Master Password For Offline Access 

Share + Revoke Guest Access Privileges Instantly 

Receive Notifications + Review Complete Record Of All Openings With Username, Date, + Time 

Smell-Proof Design 

Built-In Kensington Anchor For Attaching A Compatible Cable Lock 

Customizable LEDs 

App Compatible With iOS 9.0 Or later; Android 4.1 Or Later


What's Included: 

This item includes one complete white Pillar and USB power supply.