The Pillar & Cable Lock $119.99

The Pillar & Cable Lock $119.99

The Pillar & Cable Lock $119.99

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The Pillar is smarter (and way better) than the sock drawer, coffee can or bulky safe. 

Your valuables remain secure until you decide to open it via voice-ID or our free app, which means no keys or pins to remember. Plus, you can easily share access from anywhere. 

The Pillar is smell proof and has a built in Kensington anchor for attaching a compatible steel lock. Ideal for travelers, parents, anyone with roommates, teachers, Airbnb rentals, cubicles and more.

Secure your prescriptions, medicinals, keys, money. and other personal items.

The Sendt 4' Combination Cable Lock is the perfect accessory to lock down your Pillar.

This lock is secure and easy to use with it's keyless 4-wheel combination, reinforced lock head, and push-button design. This lock secures any design with a Kensington Tab anchor point.

This item includes one complete white Pillar: base with lid, USB power supply and cable lock.